The actor heartwarmingly revealed that he is willing to be a father figure to the baby of his expecting ex

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 12, 2008
Eduardo Santamarina
Credit: Agencia méxico

The ever sympathetic Eduardo Santamarina surprised everyone by declaring that he would do everything to help his ex, Susana González –whom he was with for three years– after learning that she was going to be a single mom. “Emotionally, morally, and economically. Why not, man! Of course! If she needs it and asks me, of course! It's ridiculous to think otherwise,” declared Santamarina on the Mexican TV show La Oreja (Televisa).

And, although he was in a silly mood when he made the statement, the actor was more than serious about helping the star of Pasión (Univisión) if she needs it. He also defended the actress' decision to raise her child on her own. “Oh please! It's very respectable. We're all grown up now and we can make our own decisions,” he said.

The actor also expressed affection towards his ex wife and mother of his two children, actress Itatí Cantoral, who is five months pregnant. “We're doing great. I think me and my kids are happier than Carlos and Itatí”, joked the actor. Without a doubt, Santamarina is the perfect ex.