The handsome Mexican was voted out of 225 contestants as People En Español's sexiest man. Rui Araujo, from Boston, MA, camei n second place.

By People Staff
October 15, 2008 03:00 PM

After several weeks of voting, readers of People En chose Mexican Eduardo Rodríguez, 24, as the winner of the contest Looking for the Sexiest Man. With 47 percent of the votes, the young Mexican, who lives in New York, won against Rui Araujo, 30, who lives in Boston, MA, and who occupies 2nd place with 44 percent of the votes.

Get to know the winner of “Looking for the Sexiest Man”

“I really liked the competition, but the best part was getting all the support from my friends and family,” said the winner of the contest, who would like to start a professional career as a model and actor, and who also hopes to one day find his father, whom he hasn’t seen in 20 years.

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Claudia Zelaya, the wife of Rui Araujo, who entered him into the contest, felt great knowing that so many people voted for her husband, but couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed he didn’t win first place. To her, he’ll always be the “sexiest man in the world.”

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“We tried everything to get people to vote. We sent emails, made flyers, and we even had a fan club of 300 people,” said the Honduran wife, who added, “like in baseball, Boston still has a rivalry against New York.

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Although the last three spots were tied, with 3 percent of the vote, the third spot (by a very small margin) was given to Spaniard Esteban J. Miller, 23, who lives in Cooperas, Texas. Fourth place went to Puerto Rican Omar Morales, 32, from Sunrise, FL, and the fifth spot was snatched by Raúl Enriquez Jr., 23, from Edgewood, MD.