Hear her new single and find out about her latest musical project, the challenges she's faced, and how she stays so beautiful

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After more than 30 years in music industry, Ednita Nazario continues to win over the hearts of fans from every generation.

The 42-year-old singer is currently promoting “No te mentía,” the first single from her latest album Real, which features artists like Natalia Jiménez, vocalist for Spanish band La Quinta Estación, Mexican singer Reyli and Argentinean artist Claudia Brant.

Listen to her new single from the album that hit stores on Dec. 12, and read her exclusive interview with Peopleenespanol.com.

Tell us about your new album…
I'm really happy. It was a, long, tough complicated job, but really fun. A complex process, but the project has been one of the most interesting things that I've ever been able to do. We achieved what we wanted: a strong disc with an alternative sound, very organic and fresh. We found songs that define what we were looking for, which was music with real emotions, executed in a genuine and real way. Now what's left is to see the public's reaction to it.

Tell us about some of the songs…
“No te mentía” is about important life circumstances when you give your word, but people don't take you seriously, then they have to pay for the consequences. “Me quedo” is a beautiful song about how important it is to reevaluate a relationship before saying goodbye, and sometimes it's worth it to give it a chance and start over because there are things you want to recapture. ‘Después de ti” deals with being hopeful after ending a relationship.

Listen to “No te mentía”

Women really identify with your music. How do you bring emotion and passion to your songs?
I'm a passionate woman who feels, who's in touch with her motions, who knows how to make decisions, who's not afraid of starting over, and who knows how to fall down and get back up. I'm attracted to songs about assertive women, who know how to feel, cry and dry their tears, and get their feet back on the ground when faced with new love. That's the woman I want to appeal to with my songs…age doesn't matter, because there's not expiration date on love. You can feel the same inklings at 16 and at 60.

What's the most important lesson you've learned throughout your long career?
I've learned to be genuine, to be who I am, to do what I do with integrity, giving myself to it, to be enthusiastic. I've learned that life is what you make it, that family are the most important people, that the public gives you energy you don't need. What's valuable to stop yourself on stage and feel the people's affection. I've learned that each day is a new opportunity, and that life's difficulties are the biggest lessons for learning who you are and what you're made of.

What's been your biggest challenge?
Finding the balance between work obligations and living a full life. I like to enjoy life with my family, but I have a huge responsibility with my job. My biggest challenge has been balancing work with my personal life.

What else would you like to do in your career?
Hmm, well, there are tons of things I want to do. I still need to do a movie. I would love to explore acting. If something interesting came up, I would love to do it. I want to go back to Broadway and do a musical. [She made her debut in the theater mecca in 1998 with the musical “The Capeman,” alongside Marc Anthony and Rubén Blades.] I'd like to make an album all in English. There are lots of things left for me to do.

How do you continue to look so great?
Physically, I have a very active life. I'm electric. I've been exercising since I was 20. I don't really have a specific diet, but I try to eat a balanced diet. I don't drink alcohol in excess, even though I do have a little wine from time to time. I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, and I take care of myself. When I'm working, I don't go out. The most important thing is attitude. I'm a happy woman who lives in thankful to God and to life for the blessings I have: a beautiful family, a fabulous daughter, a man I love, a career that I adore. I'm fascinated by what I do.

Tell us about your daughter, Carolina…
Caro is my sunshine, she's my everything. She's a fabulous girl, very intelligent, a good person, very relaxed. She doesn't have the demeanor for my work; she likes her privacy. She's 19 now and in her second year of college. She wants to get a doctorate in clinical psychology. Porbably so she can understand her mom better (she laughs). She's a great teacher in my life. She's taught me what unconditional love is.