The Mexican actress confirms that only friendship unites her and the father of Constanza, politician Santiago Creel
Edith Gonzalez

After the dust settled of the news that Santiago Creel, president of the Mexican Senate, is the father of the young Constanza, the actress Edith González confessed to a Mexican magazine that although she's known the Mexican politician for nearly 30 years and had a torrid romance with him years ago, the only thing that binds them now is a great friendship.

. “I had recently gotten out of a very difficult relationship, and he was searching for new horizons in his personal life. Perhaps what united us in that moment was solitude,” says the 42-year-old actress about how she began her relationship with Creel, which brought about the unplanned birth of her now four-year-old daughter.

The star of the musical Aventurera also said she met Creel at a bullfight, when he was 25, and she was barely 14, and several years later they were reintroduced at a benefit gala when Creel was the government's Secretary (2000-2005).

Regarding the relationship with her daughter, the Palabra de mujer star said that the president of the Mexican Senate has always been present in the young girl's life, and was so speechless when he first saw her, that he wanted to name her Guadalupe in honor of the Mexican virgin saint…but to no avail.

The news revolving Creel's paternity was made public a few days ago, after a Mexican newspaper published a copy of Constanza's registration certificate in March, where the names of both the politician and actress appear.