The handsome actor talks about the most challenging parts in getting ready to play boxer Roberto Durán. 

Por Carolina Trejos
Updated Agosto 26, 2016
Edgar Ramírez
Credit: CHICA

Get ready to see some action on the big screen Chicas!

With the highly anticipated film Hands of Stone hitting theaters this weekend, there is no doubt that Venezuelan-born actor, Edgar Ramirez, gave it his all—even almost “starving to death”—to bring Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán to life on the big screen.

The hunky actor shared with Chica some of the biggest challenges in getting ready for the big role, even training with his counterpart, Usher, who plays the undefeated lightweight champion, Sugar Ray Leonard.

“Loosing weight is a very nice way to put it, because we were actually starving to death for this film,” Ramírez jokes when talking about the journey him and Usher had to embark on. “We really had to lose a lot of weight and train to recreate the illusion of these characters.”

But apart from the intensity of the training, Ramírez feels privileged to have been able to learn how to fight and even better, to have worked with Robert De Niro as his trainer in the movie.

Be sure to catch Hands of Stone, in theaters now!