By Thatiana Diaz
April 21, 2016 07:21 PM
Courtesy of the brand

Dove launched a new campaign and film today called #LoveYourHair. The campaign is a celebration of all hair types, textures, styles, and colors.

We’ve all heard at least once in our lives that curly hair isn’t professional and short hair isn’t feminine or beautiful. Dove wants to change the way we see hair and broaden the definition of beautiful locks.

“The Dove #LoveYourHair initiative is designed to celebrate all the wonderful, real life stories of women who choose to quiet those outside norms and wear their hair the way they themselves feel most beautiful and confident,” said Rob Candelino, Unilever VP of Marketing and General Manager of Hair Care.   

The Dove Hair study uncovered that 86% of US women believe media and society put a lot of pressure on women to have hair that looks a certain way, adding that most women at 81% feel that the hair we see in advertisements and in the media makes women in general feel bad about the hair they have. 

“Growing up in a traditional Latino household, the pressure is on. Our standard of beauty was what we saw in the telenovelas and if you know about those, not one hair strand is out of place. This campaign is really helping, especially Latinas, really embrace their personalities,” said celebrity hair stylist Cynthia Alvarez.

You can celebrate and join the campaign by sharing photos of your hair with the hashtag #LoveYourHair on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And to learn more, watch the #LoveYourHair film below: