The Boricua reggaetón artist showed up at a Puerto Rican courthouse today, where legal proceeding were held to pick a jury for a case in which he's being tried for illegal possession of a firearm and marijuana.

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 01, 2008
Don Omar

This past Monday, William Omar Landrón, also known as Don Omar, showed up at the Centro Judicial in Carolina, Puerto Rico, where legal proceedings were held to select a jury for his trial to determine whether or not he's guilty of alleged illegal possession of a firearm and marijuana. The Puerto Rican reggaeton star was accompanied by his wife, Univisión host Jackie Guerrido, according to the website of Puerto Rican daily El Nuevo Día.

“I feel happy”, said the 30-year-old singer to the press upon leaving the courthouse. “This is practically over. I already let go of all the pressure and stress involved with this situation.”

According to sources, Luis D. Rodríguez Camacho and Rafael Murrillo Concepción, were also present. They were also accused of similar charges with Don Omar on Septmember 7, 2004, when they were detained in Vistamar, in Carolina. According to the police, the trio were smoking marijuana inside of a Hummer, where police allegedly found a .40 caliber gun that had a mutilated serial number. If they are found guilty, the three could face up to 5 years in prison.

However, the “Angelito” singer assured, once more, like he had in 2004, that he is not guilty. “I have nothing to do with it”, said Omar, referring to the gun and drugs.

The process of selecting the 12 jury members who will participate in Don Omar's trial could take several days.