Saved by the Bell
Credit: NBC

If you're a Saved by the Bell fan, you'll want to look into flights headed to Chicago.

The pop-up version of The Max, the hangout spot from the '90s show is now open.

The restaurant was idea of event planner Derek Berry. “Being, like, a hugeSaved by the Bellfan, I instantly thought of where I would like to eat, what would be totally iconic to be in,” Berry told Vogue.

The repulica diner Saved by the Max has everything from the juxebox that has songs from the show, a payphone, and vintage chairs.

Guests can listen to Zack Attack's “Friends Forver” from the juxebox while taking a bite of a pull pork AC Slider or a Mac & Screech.

Extreme case of nostalgia? Yes.

Saved by the Max is now open through August in the Windy City.