The Pasión de gavilanes actor allegedly had a relationship with a 17-year-old Chilean boy

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 30, 2008
Didier van der Hove
Credit: Newscom

Didier Van der Hove, 41, has found himself in the middle of an upsetting scandal that started with his vacation in Chile, when he was seen with a 17-year-old Chilean boy, and is now being accused of sexual abuse to a minor and child pornography.

Although the actor of Belgian origin assured that the minor was his boyfriend and their sexual relationship is consented, he's still facing serious charges, since the Chilean government doesn't make a distinction between consent and abuse when it comes to having sexual relations with a minor.

“Who has the right to judge that a sexual act is wrong if it's done with consent,” said the Pasión de gavilanes to the Chilean press when he was let out of jail on bond.

The actor assures that the 17-year-old is his boyfriend. Also in question is the issue of child pornography–images were allegedly found on the actor's computer.

The Chilean daily Las últimas noticias, reports that the defendant made contact with several young boys in chat rooms and solicited nude pictures of them. The actor was denounced by an unknown source who found out about hsi relationship with his boyfriend.