The ex-Miss Universe denies confirming JLo's pregnancy, as some media sources claim she did

The news that Dayanara Torres confirmed the supposed pregnancy of Jennifer López hit yesterday, after the ex-Miss Universe made statements that seemed to acknowledge the state of the wife of her ex, Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony.

It all started when a reporter on the show Escándalo TV (Telefutura) asked Torres how her kids, Anthony's children, felt about the possibility of a new sibling. She responded with: “They don't know anything because I found out a day ago. But I suppose they're going to be very happy, because when my sister had her son they were happy.”

But today the Puerto Rican sent out a press release that denied that she confirmed JLo's pregnancy and explained the misunderstanding.

This is what Dayanara said:

“I haven't confirmed, nor do I know about any pregnancy. I was told about the pregnancy ‘rumors' by my manager, who wanted to make sure I knew about them in case my kids heard something at school that they should hear from me. So when the reporter came up to me and said as a fact that my kids would soon have a new sibling, I assumed that it had been confirmed. My response was that even though they don't know anything about a little brother or sister, I imagine they'd be happy. Marc, his family and I have a very respectful and mature relationship that we've agreed to conserve for the sake or our kids.”