The ex-Miss Universe denies confirming JLo's pregnancy, as some media sources claim she did

Por People Staff
Updated Octubre 09, 2007

The news that Dayanara Torres confirmed the supposed pregnancy of Jennifer López hit yesterday, after the ex-Miss Universe made statements that seemed to acknowledge the state of the wife of her ex, Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony.

It all started when a reporter on the show Escándalo TV (Telefutura) asked Torres how her kids, Anthony's children, felt about the possibility of a new sibling. She responded with: “They don't know anything because I found out a day ago. But I suppose they're going to be very happy, because when my sister had her son they were happy.”

But today the Puerto Rican sent out a press release that denied that she confirmed JLo's pregnancy and explained the misunderstanding.

This is what Dayanara said:

“I haven't confirmed, nor do I know about any pregnancy. I was told about the pregnancy ‘rumors' by my manager, who wanted to make sure I knew about them in case my kids heard something at school that they should hear from me. So when the reporter came up to me and said as a fact that my kids would soon have a new sibling, I assumed that it had been confirmed. My response was that even though they don't know anything about a little brother or sister, I imagine they'd be happy. Marc, his family and I have a very respectful and mature relationship that we've agreed to conserve for the sake or our kids.”