Marc Anthony's ex-wife wrote a self-help book about moving on after a marriage ends

Por People Staff
Updated Febrero 28, 2008

Dayanara Torres is so excited to have gotten over her divorce from Marc Anthony, that she wants to share the secret of her happiness with the whole world.

The former Miss Universe, 33, has written and published a book called Married to Me: How Committing to Myself Led To Triumph After Divorce, now available on the Internet. “It's a lovely, spiritual book about how to move on from a divorce gracefully and make an obligation to yourself. Dayanara wrote it with her sister, who is a mental health counselor,” her manager Jennifer Nieman told

According to Nieman, despite what various media sources are saying, Torres will not divulge any details about her marriage to Anthony in the book. “It's not an autobiography. It's a self-help book,” Nieman explained, adding that the book will only use common examples of divorce.