The former Miss Universe addresses her budding relationship with Prison Break's Amaury Nolasco, Anthony, and Jennifer López
Dayanara Torres & Amaury Nolasco

Dayanara Torres is beaming these days. Not only is she starring in the Fox series Watch Over Me, she is in a steady, happy relationship with Prison Break baddie, Amaury Nolasco. On June 4th, a source close to Torres told that the pair had been dating for two months. Now, in an exclusive interview with the actress chats about her new “friend” Nolasco, Marc Anthony, and Jennifer López.

Torres, 32, says her friendship with Nolasco goes back a few years, and that they are currently sharing a special moment in their lives. “He is a very sweet guy. I'm happy … We get along really, really well. We're both Puerto Rican and speak the same language,” says Torres about Nolasco, 36, her date at last month's ALMA Awards, their first public outing as a couple.

The couple arrived hand in hand at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball on June 2, and the next day at the MTV Movie Awards, both in Los Angeles. Nolasco also escorted Torres to the Transformers premiere on July 3.

While the former beauty queen is obviously enjoying herself, she is taking things slowly. “For now, we are enjoying really great times,” she says. “In the future, who knows what could happen?”

As for Marc Anthony, whom she was married to for four years before their divorce in 2004, Torres says the relationship between them “was never bad” and that her priorities remain their two children–Christian, 6, and Ryan, 4. “I would never ever criticize [Marc]. I think of my kids first.”

In recent paparazzi photos, those same kids were seen hugging López, 37, who married Anthony four days after his divorce from Torres was final. “I don't know why people expect bad things,” says Torres about her feelings toward López, who recently told People En Español that she considers the children part of her family. “For some to go through what I did, it would have been easy perhaps to feel hurt and then try to hurt others in turn and insult them. I took another path, the high road.” She adds: “It's all good, I am happy that my kids are loved by everyone.”