A 21-year-old woman also said the illusionist assaulted and threatened her
David Copperfield

A 21-year-old woman has accused David Copperfield, 51, of raping, hitting and threatening her while she was on Copperfield's property in the Bahamas.

The woman from Seattle told authorities that one of the magician's workers approached her and her family during a Jan. 25 show in the Tri-Cities area. They were given special seats, and the young woman was asked to come on stage and take part in the act.

According to Associated Press, the woman claimed that Copperfield promised to help her with her modeling career and invited her to his property in the Bahamas, where the incident supposedly took place.

The aspiring model also said that when she arrived at the magician's house last July, she was the only guest on the isolated island. She told Seattle police and the FBI that during her two days on the island, Copperfield raped and hit her, and later threatened her to keep quiet.

The illusionist's lawyer, David Chesnoff, insisted that “Copperfield has never forced himself on anyone.”

The Seattle Times reported that at least three federal officials are in charge of the investigation, but they still haven't brought charges against the famous magician.