The singers sang a sensual duo and made history on the reality TV show

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 10, 2008
Cortesía: Universal Music

Singer David Bisbal made history this Tuesday on the Reality show Operación triunfo (Operation Triumph), where he catapulted to fame after sharing a song with Rihanna that lit up the screen and sent TV ratings soaring.

The “Ave María” singer, 29, and the “Umbrella' songstress, 20, were applauded by two thousand people who attended the event and couldn't keep their eyes off of the performers as they sang the hit “Hate that I love you.”

Three million fans watched from home on their TV screens–an unprecedented number for the show's viewership.

Chenoa's ex, who's working on his fourth album, said he felt honored to come back to the Operación triunfo stage, not only because he was so happy to be able to sing with Rihanna, but also because the show helped catapult him to stardom when he performed on it in 2001.