Por Pía Velasco
Updated Agosto 30, 2016
JGI/Tom Grill

When I first started using dating apps, I didn't really know what to expect. I had heard everything from horror stories of unsolicited genital pics to amazing stories from couples on how they met. So although I didn't know what to expect, what I did know was that everybody was using dating apps.

Dating in the digital age has completely changed the game. Instead of actually having to go out and look for love, you can just swipe for it. You can now filter potential partners through distance and age range, and you can scan an app the way you do with a take-out menu. I know, not romantic, but that's the modern dating world we live in.

I've been using dating apps for a few months now, and I've seen the good and the very bad. I am now what my co-workers call “a dating app genius.” I've decided to share what I've learned from my experiences for those who are clueless when it comes to this digital art. Here's my go-to guide towards online dating success.


1. Don't make me guess who you are.

I don't have time to try and guess which fraternity brother or sorority sister you are in the picture. I get it, you have friends, but who are you?

2. Avoid posting gym selfies

I really don't care how much you lift bruh. I really really don't so don't even get me started.