The latest Batman movie rakes in a whopping $155.3 million during the first weekend

Por Michael Y. Park
Updated Julio 21, 2008
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

In case you haven't heard–or witnessed at any cineplex this weekend–The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan's dark sequel about the Caped Crusader, took in $155.4 million since Friday, according to on Britain's GMTV Monday morning, the star of the picture, Christian Bale of the impressive box-office take: “It's Monopoly money to me–I can't even comprehend it.”The Dark Knight‘s haul also exceeds the $151.1 million Spider-Man 3 made its May 2007 opening weekend. Buoyed by mostly rave notices and Oscar buzz about Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker, Christian Bale's second outing as Batman is expected to make $220 million in its first week alone – already more than Nolan's first reboot, Batman Begins, made in its entire U.S. run, reports Variety.Among the other records broken by The Dark Knight: biggest midnight release ($18.5 million), biggest weekend on IMAX screens ($6.2 million), top single-day take on a Friday ($67.9 million), and most screens (4,366), the Los Angeles Times reports.Overseas, the movie was on track to perform similarly, making a strong $40 million on 4,500 screens in 20 territories, breaking the Australian weekend opening for a superhero movie ($13.1 million) and Brazil's best opening this year ($4.3 million).