The Puerto Rican singer, who was hospitalized in Florida due to a nasty bout of a virus, is doing much better

By People Staff
Updated June 08, 2007
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Daddy Yankee, who was admitted to a Miami, FL, hospital on Friday, has been released but he must rest for another week, his attending doctor told the press.

The reggaetón artist was admitted to Baptist Hospital in Miami with gastroenteritis.

“The diagnosis is an acute virus, which led to gastroenteritis and dehydration. He must eat a healthy diet and rest as much as possible,” said his doctor, Javier Pérez Hernández.

The hospital's attending physician added: “He has improved 75 percent since he came into the hospital and I think he will recover the other 25 percent, God willing, by the weekend.”

The 30-year-old artist said that he will rest up with his family in Puerto Rico.

“Quite honestly, I was in Orlando and I tried to go the extra mile for my people over there at the in-store, but everything got complicated. This is a first warning from the boss, and the boss has ordered me to take my time and set priorities. These were forced vacations, and it's a moment of reflection for me,” he said.

When asked about malicious comments about his disease being a strategy to avoid sharing the stage with Don Omar in the Bling Blineo concert held last Saturday at Shea Stadium in New York, the regaettón star said: “I truly love my fans, baby, but I'm not up for gossip.”

Last Friday, in an official statement, his public relations firm explained that the singer had an acute viral case that caused his dehydration .

Lately, the Puerto Rican musician has been working long days that included personal appearances and autograph-signing sessions to promote his new CD El Cartel: The Big Boss.

After his diagnosis, Yankee canceled all his scheduled East Coast engagements for a week, among them, signing autographs in New Jersey, his Bling Blineo performance at Shea Stadium and riding on the MTV Tres float in New York's Puerto Rican Day Parade.