Thanks to his successful acting debut in Talento de barrio, the reggaeton singer is considering taking on more film roles

Por Isis Sauceda / L.A.
Updated Agosto 21, 2008
The Grosby Group

The success of Talento de barrio has peaked enough interest among U.S. critics and producers, that Daddy Yankee is considering a change of career. “The real film critics have given me 10 stars for my acting, and said I was a natural,” said the 32-year-old. “Hollywood is pouring in with offers.”.P] So don't be surprised if you see the singer on the silver screen again. He has already been to several auditions and is considering some offers. “The people have accepted me. It was the first time I had acted, but I always knew I had it in me, that I had the potential, because us rappers are natural actors anyway.”

Buy the “Talento de barrio” soundtrack here The film exposed the like of the underground singer, and even though it's not an autobiographical film, Yankee admits that he's very familiar with some of the characters and situations in the film, including the exposure to drugs growing up. “I was exposed since I was a little kid. It was up to me to decide if I was going to get involved in that and face the consequences.”

The film makes it's nationwide premiere in the U.S. in September.