The singer of Mexican descent is currently promoting his first album, featuring his group, Los Súper Reyes
Cruz Martinez

Cruz Martínez won a legal battle against his former band member, A.B. Quintanilla, Alicia Villareal's husband. Cruz now owns the rights to the name Kumbia Kings. “The brand is mine, at last. It was handed to me two months ago in the US with the seal of the government. I don't say much, I let the legal documents speak for me,” stated the 35-year old singer to the Mexican daily Reforma.

Martínez was the piano player and one of the founding members of the Kumbia Kings group, along with Quintanilla, brother of the late singer Selena. However, in the midst of heated controversy early in 2006, Quintanilla, 43, left the group to form his own, the Kumbia All Starz. Martínez continued using the name Kumbia Kings until Quintanilla sued him for the rights to the name.

Martínez said that he isn't worried about the possible competition that might arise out of his former band mate's newly formed group. “We never look at what others are doing, we're focused on how to improve our music, and that's enough. I believe there's plenty of sunshine for everyone,” said Cruz. Currently, Martínez is in Mexico promoting his new album El Regreso de los Reyes, it was released today (August 14). But before reaching the stores, the band members' Album went Gold in Mexico, thanks to the fan club El Corazón de Súper Reyes, they pre-sold more than 50, 000 CD's.