Even though he ruptured a tendon during the live telecast Dancing With The Stars (ABC), the Chilean actor will postpone it until after the show is over

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 30, 2008
Cristian de la Fuente

When he appeared on Dancing with the Stars (ABC) Tuesday night, Cristián de la Fuente silenced the rumors that he would leave the contest after suffering a muscle cramp on his left arm on Monday.

On Tuesday, the Chilean actor announced he would have to undergo surgery because he ruptured a tendon in that arm, but he plans on postponing the operation until the contest is over.

“If people vote for us, I would like to be here and not give up,” the 34-year-old actor said before it was revealed that the judges' scores and the audience's vote were in his favor.

De la Fuente and his dance partner Cheryl Burke came in last this week due to the incident on Monday.

They both fell to the ground at the end of their samba performance because De la Fuente could no longer hold Burke due to the sharp pain in his arm.

He was carried out in a stretcher to the emergency room at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA, where doctors determined he needed surgery.