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July 24, 2008 03:00 PM

They say that family’s the only thing you’ve really got in life, and it looks like that applies to Cristian Castro, more than ever now that his half-brother, Marcos Valdés, has offered his support and help in the midst of the singer’s nasty divorce to Valeria Liberman.

“Cristian: you’re my brother, my blood. You say the word, and I’ll sell my house, my car, anything so that you don’t end in financial ruin,” said the actor on Mexican TV show La oreja (Televisa).

“My brother’s a good man. He has a good heart, and they’re morally breaking him down. He wants to see his kids. He doesn’t want them to feel abandoned,” assured Loco Valdés’ son, who said that Valeria Liberman was a material girl only interested in money.

The “Azul” singer has said that the mother of his kids, Simone, 3, and Mikhail Zaratustra, 6 months, intends to leave him on the streets, asking for millions of dollars that he allegedly doesn’t have.

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