Verónica Castro's mother hopes her daughter and grandson can resolve their differences and says she's not in contact with the "Azul" singer

Por People Staff
Updated Septiembre 21, 2007
Cristian Castro
Credit: ntx fotos

The highly publicized friction between Cristian Castro and his mother, Verónica Castro, has turned into one of the most infamous controversies in the world of Hispanic media. And although the reasoning behind their conflicts still isn't clear, it is known that the family breakup has affected many, especially in the case of señora Socorro, mother of the Mexican actress, who yearns for her daughter and grandson to call a truce.

“There are arguments in every family, but it's okay. Time can smooth out all bumps and sooner or later we'll be hugging once again,” the grandmother of the 32-year-old singer expressed in an interview with La oreja (Televisa).

Señora Socorro assured that in spite of the conflicts, there is still love in the family. “People say many things during heated moments. It's been misinterpreted, but there is a lot of love between mother and son. [Cristian] is very sweet, and I love him with all of my soul,” conveyed the mother of the 54-year-old Verónica Castro.

It seems like the grandma-grandson relationship has also been affected by the circumstances. “I haven't been able to be in much contact with him, but I pray for his child; I wish him happiness [from the second child their expecting]; he wanted babies and is now getting his wish,” she added.

Still, despite the grandmother's affection for her grandson, she asserted that “I don't meddle in Cristian's life for any reason.”