The singer says he and his wife Valeria Liberman have reconciled and confesses that he will always lie to the press
Cristian Castro
Credit: ntx fotos

The media whirlwind provoked by Cristian Castro these last few days seems to have finally calmed down. It turns out that the singer is no longer filing for divorce from his wife, the lawyer Valeria Liberman.

That's what the singer, 32, confirmed during a press conference he gave on the radio program El Piolín de la mañana and what his lawyer, Marcia Soto told

“Yes, it's true. He did file for divorce at first, but the next day Mr. Castro withdrew it. He and his wife are working very hard to make their marriage work. His constant traveling causes stress on the marriage, but they have reconciled,” Soto tells us.

So why did he strike up a divorce suit against Liberman? Castro explained that his wife simply needed to react.

“We need to understand each other better. We need to provide each other with what we need; she needs something and so do I, and if we don't know how to give each other what we need, it won't work,” he said on the radio of his relationship with his wife, 32.

As for his motives for denying an interview with PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL about his separation from Liberman while he was in Los Angeles and for hiding the divorce suit he presented in Miami, Castro emphasized that he will always lie to the press about his personal life. “I don't want the press to know about my personal life. I'm not here to share it; I'm here to sing. I will always lie to the press. Always expect lies about my personal life.”

And in spite of his confession that he is dishonest when talking about personal issues, he insisted: “We reconciled and we're working hard on our marriage. All I want is for it to work, and if it works now, I think it will work forever.”

He also denied rumors that the reason behind the distancing between he and his mother, Verónica Castro, 54, was that he hit her. “Impossible, I would never hit my mother. That day she was very aggressive with my wife and I decided never to see her again, as my wife was eight months pregnant…That night, the only thing I said was that we would never see each other again and that I was very sorry. I was very sad to say goodbye to her, but I never want to see her again,” he declared.

After all of this uproar, and since Cristian Castro has openly stated that he will always lie to the press about his personal life, we invite you to read the last time the singer spoke truthfully about it, in the October PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, on sale on magazine stands.