A Miami judge ordered the singer to take psychiatric and psychological tests to determine if he is emotionally fit to see his kids
Cristian Castro
Credit: ntx fotos

Cristian Castro might adore his children, Simone and Mikhail Zaratustra, but that's not a good enough reason to be allowed to see them, according to a Miami judge, who recently ordered the 33-year-old singer to undergo psychological and psychiatric evaluation in order to determine if he is emotionally fit to continue having visitation rights.

According to La oreja, his soon-to-be ex, Valeria Liberman, petitioned the court for the evaluations, which means that Castro will have to be on his best behavior at the doctor's office in order to reestablish visitation rights which he lost several months ago, after admitting publicly that he had hit his wife and his mother, actress Verónica Castro

Liberman, who filed for divorce at the beginning of the year, not only accused the singer of domestic violence, but also put into question his sexual preference, and told the judge that she considers Castro an unfit parent for her children at the present moment.

If the evaluations don't yield positive result, Castro will not only have reduced visitation rights, but may also run the risk of not seeing them for an undetermined amount of time and lose partial custody of them.