April 29, 2008 05:00 PM

The on-going divorce between Cristian Castro and his wife Valeria Liberman has become a true public spectacle, especially now that the constant he-said she-said between them has escalated into public insults. During a private concert in Los Angeles, CA, the Mexican singer sent his wife “to h…”, according to Mexican showbiz program La Oreja (Televisa). According to the report, the 33-year-old singer ended his performance by satisfying his fans’ request. The audience urged him: ‘Send her to h…!’, to which Castro replied: ‘Yes, I hope she goes to h….!’ Minutes later, the Gallito Feliz, as his fans call him, left the Rose Bowl Stadium, where the concert took place. Veronica Castro’s son quickly got on a golf cart and avoided the press that anxiously awaited his comments.

Mexican newspaper El Universal, announced that both Castro and Liberman had requested the court in Miami, Fl, to prohibit the presence of the press in the upcoming divorce hearings. At least they agreed on that!

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