The singer blames his estranged wife Valeria Liberman for his crumbling career, and says he doesn't have $25 thousand a month to give her; he offers her $5 thousand instead

By People Staff
July 17, 2008 12:00 PM
jpi studios

Depressed and downtrodden about the nasty divorce that has played itself out over the past couple of months, singer Cristian Castro said that his career was at rock bottom, and blames his estranged wife, Valeria Liberman, for his demise.

“I don’t have any money. My artistic career is at an all-time low, and she has everything. Nobody goes to my concerts. The only people who are interested in me are the tabloids. My career was destroyed by Valeria, and people aren’t investing in me,” said the “Azul” singer, 33, Miami, FL, courthouse, where the mother of his children asked for $25 thousand a month in alimony. Cristian offered her $5 thousand.

“Nobody likes me except the tabloids”, confirmed Verónica Castro’s son to the judge Jerald Bagley. Castro’s lawyers claimed that his wife was the kind of woman who overspent and tried to take advantage of the situation. Liberman’s defense team portrayed Castro as an artist in high demand who would be able to maintain the kind of lifestyle he’s lived so far.

The couple’s problems started last year in February when Liberman filed for divorce, accusing Castro of domestic violence. A judge even even prohibited Cristian from seeing his kids Simone, 3, and Mikhail Zaratustra, 6 months, and ordered the singer to undergo psychiatric evaluation.