The singer and his mother Verónica Castro told a magazine about their long-awaited reconciliation

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 16, 2008
Cristian Castro
Credit: jpi studios

Verónica Castro and her son Cristian have given the exclusive story about their reconciliation to a Mexico-based publication. In the interview, the mother and son reveal why they grew so distant over the course of three years, and describe how they managed to reunite.

“There was no reason to forgive each other, but just to understand where we stood,” the 33-year-old singer says, after admitting that being so distant from his mother was nightmarish experience for him. Cristian also explains that defending and being in love with Valeria Liberman was the reason behind the mother-son estrangement, a reason the 54-year-old actress seems to understand. “He wanted to have a family, and for everything to work out in his marriage so that it would last forever, since that was something he never had during his childhood,” she says.

In regards to making amends, the actress tells the magazine that they were too happy to cry and just hugged for a long time, neither one asking for forgiveness.

As for Liberman's divorce from the singer, Cristian indicates that he doesn't regret anything, and that even though he's not ruling out a love life, he will never marry again. “It doesn't work for me,” he adds.