The singer talked about his two former wives, and said he could care less about the press' remarks

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 22, 2008
Cristian Castro
Credit: jpi studios

It looks like Cristian Castro is tired of being portrayed as the bad guy in his controversial divorces to Gabriela Bo and Valeria Liberman. During a ceremony in Las Vegas, NV, in which he was given the Maximum Hispanic Pride award, the singer said people made him out to be a violent villain.

“To tell you the truth, I don't give a damn, you can say whatever you want about me, I know that life is good to me, and I only have to pay attention to the things I care about, like my music,” said the 33-year-old Mexican during a press conference.

Verónica Castro's son reproached his first wife for having claimed that he beat her and that they didn't perform sexually. “It saddened me when that happened because when we signed the divorce papers, we agreed that we would never talk about each other,” said the singer of “Azul”

“I think we had a mutual love, and if we fought, it was completely legal. In every marriage people fight and argue, and you have to control yourself when things get heated,” said Castro about his ex-wives claims.

The singer also said that although he would like to move on and start his life over, he has no intention to ever get married again.