The Mexican singer admitted he hit his mother and pulled her hair. He also beat his wife Valeria Liberman on various occasions

By People Staff
April 30, 2008 06:00 PM
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The legal battle between Cristian Castro and Valeria Liberman is reaching a boiling point.

The Mexican singer and his (still) wife went to family court in Miami, FL, on Tuesday. In the hearing, which lasted over five hours, the singer admitted he beat his wife on various occasions and he went as far as hitting his own mother, actress and singer Verónica Castro.

According to showbiz show El Gordo y la Flaca (Univisión), Liberman declared that the 33-year-old singer has kicked her and beat her to the point that she has had to go to the hospital.

The Argentinean lawyer said the first time her husband hit her was in Argentina, only two months after they got married and just a day after she gave him the news that she was pregnant with his child. Castro admitted he was guilty of these actions, but alleged that she also hit him, and he had been injured as well during their fights.

The most shocking moment was when the singer confessed to hitting his own mother. Cristian said that on one occasion he slapped his mother at least four times and pulled her hair until a security guard interceded and ended the quarrel.

The incident occurred at his mother’s house in Mexico. Apparently, what ignited that fight was that Verónica had confronted Liberman when she was 11 and a half weeks pregnant with Cristian’s daughter Simone, who is two years old.