The singer questions his wife's honesty during the divorce proceedings

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 13, 2008
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They say there's a thin line between love and hate, and although Cristian Castro hasn't publicly stated how he now feels about his soon-to-be ex, Valeria Liberman, you can tell it's not good, because through these divorce proceedings, the singer has not only made it clear that he doesn't want to share assets with his wife, but now he's also accusing her of running a business behind his back.

The Mexican TV program, La Oreja, confirmed that the 33-year-old “Azul” singer accused the Argentinean lawyer of the same age of making business decisions for an unknown company without his consent, and that he's demanding that she hand over any company documents that may be in her possession.

In the accusation, presented by a Miami court, Verónica Castro's son claims that he doesn't know what kind of business transactions were made by Valeria with the new company she formed, or how much money it generated. Cristian stated that he was aware of two businesses created during their marriage that were used to manage the revenues and royalties for the rights of his songs, but was unaware that there was a third company.

Valeria Liberman filed for divorce from her husband less than a year ago on counts of domestic violence and doubts of the singer's sexual orientation. During their four years of marriage, they had two kids: Simone, 3, and Mikhail Zaratustra, 6 months.