In the August issue of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, members of the popular group speak about their love lives and projects. Plus Christian disclosed details about his marriage
RBD agosto 2007 cover

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, members of the group RBD of Mexico chatted up about all kinds of things: from work projects to their romantic lives. Among the most interesting revelations were the details Christian offered about his relationship with Canadian stylist William Murphy (AKA BJ) after photos of their civil union ceremony caused quite a stir.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, the singer said that the relationship with his current spouse was beautiful from the start. “It was very nice because it was love at first sight (…) Having someone who loves you, respects you and, more importantly, is by your side, is something that money can't buy,” he said. The performer is so happy with his partner that he is considering becoming a dad. “When I turn 30, that sense of wanting to be a dad will kick in (…) I'd like to adopt because I think there are so many children who need love. Instead of creating one, we're going to get a baby so that we can shower it with love and opportunity,” he added.

Christian wasn't the only one who opened up. Anahí, Dulce María, Maite, Christopher and Alfonso told us juicy details about their lives, as well as their new series, RBD La familia, and other projects in the works.

Read the whole story in the August issue of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, on sale July 2nd.