For using a denigrating word to refer to gays, the Mexican presenter is fired from the Telemundo show

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 25, 2007

If you turned your TV set on today to tune in to Cotorreando(Telemundo) and were surprised by the unexplained absence of Luisa Fernanda, here's the scoop: the Mexican host was fired from the show.

According to sources close to the former Garibaldi, during the show on Thursday, June 21st, the 36-year-old Mexican used the word “cherna” to refer to a gay person.

The word “cherna” — which is a type of fish in her native Mexico — is also a denigrating term used to refer to the gay community in countries in the Caribbean. This, allegedly, was the reason why Luisa Fernanda was fired.

“The only thing I can say at this moment is that I am renovating my work visa,” said Luisa Fernanda exclusively to, without going into further details or confirming the reasons for her dismissal.

Telemundo's decision to no longer work with the Mexican host isdecisive: “We decided to end our relationship with Luisa Fernanda because she behaved in a manner that is not consistent with our company culture, including our respect for diversity.”

For six years, Luisa Fernanda hosted Cotorreando alongside Mauricio Zeilic.

During Friday's show, Zeilic made a brief mention of his formercolleague: “I want to send a special greeting to Luisa Fernanda, who will no longer be with us. But we love you very much and will always miss you.”