Ga-bi, the journalist that brought this scandal to light, claims that Cristian's father is not comedian El Loco Valdés but journalist Jorge Riancho

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 19, 2008
Cristian Castro
Credit: jpi studios

While his divorce is underway, Cristian Castro seemed to regain some peace of mind after reconciling with his mother Verónica Castro. However, a new rumor has surfaced to turn the singer's life upside down again. Journalist Ga-bi claims that Manuel “El loco” Valdés is not Cristian's real father and that his mother, actress Verónica Castro, has always hidden the truth from their fans.

In her book “Como carne de cañón”, written in 2001, Ga-bi claims that the 33-year-old singer is the son of the disappeared Mexican journalist Jorge Alberto Riancho. After all the scandals the singer has faced during the past few months seemed to be dying down, this new rumor stirred things up again.

In a recent television interview, Ga-Bi said Verónica Castro had a scandalous love life. She argued the Mexican actress would date multiple guys at the same time and even had a drug problem.

The singer has been under great pressure lately after ending his almost four-year marriage to Valeria Liberman, the mother of his children Simone and Mikhail. Cristian's visit to Miami last weekend made some people think the couple would eventually reconcile again, but the singer ruled out that possibility.