The star of Duelo de pasiones is expecting a baby, who will be named Pablo, with actress Sandra Vidal.
Pablo Montero
Credit: cortesía Univision records

It all started as a rumor a couple of months. Some blogs and websites of actor and singer Pablo Montero said he would soon become a father.

We searched high and low for him and his rep always said no. But it was Montero's brother, Oliver Martínez, who spilled the beans: the Argentinean actress and model Sandra Vidal and his brother are expecting a son.

On the television show La Oreja (Televisa), the brother of the star of Duelo de Pasiones (Univisión), said that Pablo was thrilled with the baby's arrival and that his parents share in the joy. “The whole family got together about 15 days ago in Torreón and we were at my parents' house, all my siblings, and we talked about it.[Everyone was] really, really happy.” In an interview with, Pablo Montero, 37, confirmed the news and added that, in fact, Vidal is expecting a boy who will be baptized with the name Pablo.

The funny thing is that Pablo Montero is really the actor's stage moniker. His real name is Óscar Hernández. Sandra Vidal and Pablo, who have known each other for 10 years, have no plans to marry.Don't miss our exclusive interview with Pablo Montero in the August edition of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, on sale July 2nd.