Angelica Maria and her daughter, actress Angelica Vale, answered some of our most salacious questions. Judging from the answers, it looks like mother and daughter share more in common than we thought. Could it be they're telepathic?

By Lena Hansen
Updated August 15, 2008

What brings out the inner Hulk in you?
Angelica Maria (AM): “Injustice”
Angelica Vale (AV): “Injustice”

How do you define yourself?
AM: “As a very lucky woman”
AV: “As a very hard-working woman”.

What's your worst flaw?
AM: “Being impatient”
AV: “I get enraged very quickly. I explode, but I get over it fast.”

Your best virtue…
AM: “Being a good person”
AV: “Loyalty”.

What book are you reading?
Both: Return to Love by Marianne Williamson”

What was the last song you heard on your iPod or listened to in your car?
AM: I Can't Dance by Genesis”
AV: Juan Luis Guerra's latest album”

What animal would you like to be and why?
AM: “Angelica Vale's dog!”
AV: “A house dog, so I can eat, sleep, and play all day! (laughs) “No, better yet, Angelica Maria's dog. She spoils it so much!

What's your favorite food that makes you break your diet
AM: “Sweets…and of course a really cold Coca-Cola”.
AV: “La italiana, japonesa, y por supuesto, la mexicana”

What's your worst habit?AM: “Seeing movies, but I don't think that's necessarily bad.
AV: “I have a lot, like I don't eat breakfast”.

What gives you peace of mind and revitalizes you?
AM: “My daughter, music, and a great movie”
AV: “Reading, meditating, writing, composing, singing, and being with my family”

Who's your dream guy?
AM: “Robert Redford”.
AV: “George Clooney”.

How's your love life, and what do you look for in a partner?
AM: “My heart is empty. I'm alone. I'm looking for Robert Redford”.
AV: “I'm alone, but that's because I'm giving George Clooney his space (laughs). I'm looking for an intelligent, hardworking, and loyal man…in other words, George Clooney”