August 15, 2008 01:00 PM

What brings out the inner Hulk in you?
Angelica Maria (AM): “Injustice”
Angelica Vale (AV): “Injustice”

How do you define yourself?
AM: “As a very lucky woman”
AV: “As a very hard-working woman”.

What’s your worst flaw?
AM: “Being impatient”
AV: “I get enraged very quickly. I explode, but I get over it fast.”

Your best virtue…
AM: “Being a good person”
AV: “Loyalty”.

What book are you reading?
Both: Return to Love by Marianne Williamson”

What was the last song you heard on your iPod or listened to in your car?
AM: I Can’t Dance by Genesis”
AV: Juan Luis Guerra’s latest album”

What animal would you like to be and why?
AM: “Angelica Vale’s dog!”
AV: “A house dog, so I can eat, sleep, and play all day! (laughs) “No, better yet, Angelica Maria’s dog. She spoils it so much!

What’s your favorite food that makes you break your diet
AM: “Sweets…and of course a really cold Coca-Cola”.
AV: “La italiana, japonesa, y por supuesto, la mexicana”

What’s your worst habit?AM: “Seeing movies, but I don’t think that’s necessarily bad.
AV: “I have a lot, like I don’t eat breakfast”.

What gives you peace of mind and revitalizes you?
AM: “My daughter, music, and a great movie”
AV: “Reading, meditating, writing, composing, singing, and being with my family”

Who’s your dream guy?
AM: “Robert Redford”.
AV: “George Clooney”.

How’s your love life, and what do you look for in a partner?
AM: “My heart is empty. I’m alone. I’m looking for Robert Redford”.
AV: “I’m alone, but that’s because I’m giving George Clooney his space (laughs). I’m looking for an intelligent, hardworking, and loyal man…in other words, George Clooney”

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