"Don't try me." 

By Thatiana Diaz
Updated September 15, 2016
Getty Images

College is an exciting new chapter in a teenager's life, but it can also be nerve-racking. You worry about class schedules, being away from home and getting along with your new roommate. And incoming UCLA freshman Winnie Chen got her preview before the semester even started.

Chen, one of three roommates, received a long—and intense—email from her future roomie, Ashly, after failing to respond to an initial email. The 17-year-old shared the exchange on her Twitter and Instagram captioning it “My roommate that I haven't even met,” and it went viral.

Read the shocking email in its entirety below:


Third roommate, Guistianna Tun, wasn't taking any of it and responded with this email:


What a start to the school year. Winnie did make the request for a new roommate, but the University never responded. “Final Update: Housing never responded to my request, so I am stuck with the Ticking Time Bomb” May the odds be ever in your favor girl.