Luis Miguel's ex was troubled by some of the statements made by Aguilera to a magazine
Mariah Carey y Christina Aguilera
Credit: getty images

Christina Aguilera unleashed Mariah Carey's anger after making less than friendly statements about her in GQ magazine, where she stated that the diva was very rude to her at a party.

“She never was cool with me. One time during a party she was very drunk and said very derogatory things to me. But that was the time when she was having a nervous breakdown, so she must have been heavily drugged,” Aguilera said drawing the first blood in the publication.

Luis Miguel's ex's response was quick in coming. Carey explained that the singer's attitude is an attempt to corral the press's attention to promote her new album. “I was hoping that Christina would have been at a better level than the last time I saw her, when she arrived uninvited at one of my parties and her behavior was rather questionable… It is sad and at the same time predictable that she used my name to bring up incidents from the past for her own promotion,” Carey stated later after saying that she doesn't bear any animosity towards the artist. “It is in my heart to forgive and she has been in my prayers,” she concluded.

Instead of throwing daggers at each other, the pair of divas should duel it out vocally which would resolve the problem and leave all of their fans (and the media) much happier.