The incident happened last May 15. He says he didn't smoke it, but he was caught with the drug in hand and later apologized to the Court

Por People Staff
Updated Septiembre 10, 2007
Christian Chávez
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The police caught Christian Chávez holding a joint, but he swears he didn't smoke it. obtained a copy of the police report that cites the details of the May 15 incident, for which he was arrested and accused of possession of the drug. He later made a court appearance on May 29 to settle the charges, which eventually led to his apology before the Court on Sept. 6.

Chávez, 23, accepted what happened and apologized to fans through a message that he himself posted on his forum on the band's official website.

We should note that although Chávez says that he was offered the marijuana, the police report indicates that the arrest happened because the singer was seen buying it from a man named Curtis Bedford on the corner of Bleecker and Sullivan Sts. at 5:50 p.m. Policeman Brian Goldsborough arrested both of them immediately and took the marijuana from Chávez.

Chávez's message reads:

Girls, boys and young people all over the world:

In recognition of the love, support and confidence that you have always provided me, I would like to share with you all an experience that opened my eyes about how as young people, we don't always think about the consequences of our actions.

Some time ago, in New York, I was offered a marijuana cigarette (and showing my thoughtlessness and immaturity), I took it. I didn't consume it, but the police took notice of the situation, and I later had to provide a public apology to the Court.

The incident didn't go any further, but it was a sign that taught me that those paths can destroy you. Many people might think that it's better just to be quiet in these situations, but I disagree, as we're in another generation, one in which it's better to confront things as they are. I know that many young people look for easy escapes from their sadness, and this can lead them to even worse confusion.

As for me, believe me when I say that I've learned my lesson. I just want to reiterate to all of you that RBD is a group that promotes the values of youth, and now it's my turn to try to wake up the people who might be in danger.

As hard as life can be, it is beautiful, and it's better to live in the present. I love you and I ask God that you'll forgive me for failing you.

From Christian Chávez, your immature pollito.