The RBD member said he won't accept an apology from the hosts who made fun of his personal life on air
Christian Chavez

The hosts of a New York radio show who played a joke on Christian Chávez last week are willing to give a public apology the RBD singer, who got kicked out of the station after supposedly giving them the finger.

“If he decides to come on the program and say he's sorry, I have no problem with apologizing to him, giving him a hug and starting over with the interview,” Enrique Santos, host of El show de Enrique y Joe (La Kalle), told Notimex news agency.

But reports inform that the 24-year-old singer – who wasn't happy when Santos said on air that Chávez would award the first caller with “a baggie of marijuana” – rejected the offer. “I'm not going to go back on a program like that. It's one thing to make a joke, and it's another to do something painful,” he expressed.

RBD creator Pedro Damián blamed EMI Music, the group's record label, for what happened, saying that the company booked the show without giving more information to the group. “We thought it was a normal program, and it turns out that they take advantage of scandals,” he said.

“I think they handled themselves well for as long as they could take it. Christian left feeling annoyed, ashamed, angry, deceived, because he did the interview in good faith and they attacked him,” Damián said in defense of Chávez and the other members of the group, who were also at the station when the incident occurred.