The RBD singer denies rumors that he was not allowed to adopt a child from Canada. He says he and his partner, BJ Murphy, can't even take care of a dog.

Por People Staff
Updated Octubre 07, 2008

Adopting seems to be the new trend among celebrities, but Christian Chávez isn't among the trendy. The RBD singer recently hushed rumors that he was denied the adoption of a baby girl from Canada, where he and his partner, BJ Murphy were married.

“That was another stupid rumor. I've always said, I don't want to adopt. Can you imagine if I just showed up with a baby. That'd be weird!” said the 24-year-old on the show La oreja (Televisa).

Chávez said that for the moment, him and his partner don't want the responsibility of having a child. “We can't imagine having a kid, because we don't even have a dog, and we wouldn't even be able to take care of a dog. So we can't exactly care for a child,” said the singer.