The RBD singer denies rumors that he was not allowed to adopt a child from Canada. He says he and his partner, BJ Murphy, can't even take care of a dog.

By People Staff
October 07, 2008 04:00 PM

Adopting seems to be the new trend among celebrities, but Christian Chávez isn’t among the trendy. The RBD singer recently hushed rumors that he was denied the adoption of a baby girl from Canada, where he and his partner, BJ Murphy were married.

“That was another stupid rumor. I’ve always said, I don’t want to adopt. Can you imagine if I just showed up with a baby. That’d be weird!” said the 24-year-old on the show La oreja (Televisa).

Chávez said that for the moment, him and his partner don’t want the responsibility of having a child. “We can’t imagine having a kid, because we don’t even have a dog, and we wouldn’t even be able to take care of a dog. So we can’t exactly care for a child,” said the singer.