The RBD member said he didn't smack B.J. Murphy, as was rumored yesterday
Christian Chávez
Credit: getty images

RBD member Christian Chávez denies rumors that he slapped boyfriend B.J. Murphy, despite media gossip that surfaced yesterday. “It's a vicious lie that's trying to damage my image,” the 23-year-old singer remarked.

According to a tabloid, a source close to the singer said that on Monday, an intoxicated Chávez slapped Murphy, 21, after arguing about his New York arrest for marihuana possession on May 15.

In an interview for the site, the young singer insisted that these are just rumors attempting to tarnish his image. “No lie is going to distract me from my main goal, to continue to please the RBD audience,” he expressed. For now, the RBD member is getting ready for concert performances scheduled for Oct. 4 and 5 in Houston, TX.