In an instant, celebrities answer Chica’s fast-round questions inspired by your favorite emojis. 

Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Octubre 25, 2016
Clarissa Molina
Credit: People en Español

Long-form interviews are a thing of the past, and People en Español's Chica is introducing a new way for fans to learn more about their favorite celebrities instantly. With the help of emojis, celebrities are asked questions like what is your favorite food or what is your best friend's name. The emojis substitute worded questions and celebrities can have fun with their quick answers.

Every week, a new celebrity will be featured with two Intermojis already posted from television hosts and Nuestra Belleza Latina winners Francisca Lachapel and Clarissa Molina. Questions will change and can reflect upcoming holidays or events.

Check out the meanings behind the emojis below and be sure to follow @PeopleChica on Instagram for more Intermojis!