The TV host said she'd shave her head if Jennifer López doesn't admit she's pregnant soon

What started as an innocent comment turned into a bet that could leave Charytín bald. After showing some pics of Jennifer López with a baby bulge on her show Escándalo TV (Telefutura) on Friday, the presenter said she'd shave her head if it turns out that the singer's not pregnant.

The Dominican didn't expect her co-host, Felipe Viel, to take the comment to heart. The Chilean dared Chary to get rid of her blond locks if Marc Anthony and JLo didn't confirm the pregnancy in 20 days. Viel ignored her as she whined that she was just joking, and that she couldn't go to the Latin GRAMMY Awards with a shaved head.

Things heated up even more when reporter Angel Villagómez got in on the bet, saying he'd go bald too if the couple didn't own up to the pregnancy. As for Viel, he promised to run through a busy Miami street wearing just his boxers.

Chary was desperate by this point, begging Marc, JLo or anyone close to the couple to confirm the news, since she didn't want to lose her famous hair.