A court ordered Luis Falcón to return the money that rightfully belongs to Cruz's sister and stepdaughter

Por People Staff
Updated Agosto 05, 2008
Celia cruz
Credit: jdev/jpistudios.com

It's been five years since the Cuban Guarachera, Celia Cruz, passed away, and recently a New Jersey court found that Luis Falcón, who was the singer's former administrator and a close family friend, committed fraud against Cruz's sister and stepdaughter, and ordered Falcón to return the money to the two women.

The judge, Katherine Hayden, ruled that is directly responsible for fraud against Gladis Bécquer and Ernestina Knight, for having lied about the $415 thousand dollars that belonged to them.

Falcón will have to appear in court on September 4 to establish the terms of his guilt and the amount he owes, including punitive damages.