Por yacevedo
Updated Mayo 29, 2014
Courtesy of Kyle White

Worried about your hair color fading this summer? Celebrity hair colorist Kyle White —from Oscar Blandi salon in NYC and whose famous clients include Maria Menounos, Mariah Carey and Carla Gugino— shares his tips for protecting and keeping your hair color looking vibrant and healthy all summer long.

Here are his tips:

Wear sunblock on your hair:
 The sun fades paint jobs on cars and the cushions on your patio furniture, well it does the same to your hair color. You should use a sunblock for your hair every time you wash, and even in the winter. If you're going to be in direct sunlight, like at the beach, then use sunblock for your hair and also cover your head with a hat or scarf.

Choose the right products
: Sulfates are the detergents in shampoos that cleanse away dirt, oil and other impurities from your hair. Unfortunately, they also wash away color molecules and fade highlights. So be sure to use a good shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for color treated hair, with low sulfates and high moisturizing elements.

DON'T use metal brushes: 
Metal brushes or bristles heat up from your blow dryer and become an iron. Sure your hair dries in a flash, but you sacrifice the brightness of your hair color and risk tons of breakage. Be sure to always use a natural bristle brush that polishes the hair, not snaps it, and the barrel of the brush could be wooden, ceramic, even plastic but never metal.

Use a thermal protector: 
In exactly the same way that your black or bright colored clothes fade in the clothes dryer, heat styling fades your hair color. So If you're using heat styling tools be sure to use a thermal protector.

When going to the beach or pool: 
Salt water and chlorine will not only dry your hair, it will turn your blonde locks into orange straw. So, before going to the beach or the pool, fill the cuticle of your hair with an oil that contains an SPF so it won't absorb all the salt or chlorine in the water. Rinse your hair with fresh water from a hose or shower when you get out, then reapply the oil and put back on your hat.

Apply deep conditioner: 
When hair is damaged, the cuticle gets holes in it and color molecules slip out the holes. Healthy hair has no holes so it holds color longer and better. Keep hair healthy by applying a deep conditioner once a week. I love coconut oil for a deep treatment. Heat a tablespoon in the microwave and leave in your hair for fifteen minutes, then shampoo out. It penetrates two levels of the hair shaft, has restorative properties, and the smell is like a weekend in St. Tropez!

Use a dry shampoo
: After sun exposure frequent shampooing is the second biggest fader of hair color. So cut back on frequent shampooing. Try using a dry shampoo; they really work! Your scalp natural oils are mother natures deep conditioner. It'll save your color, your blow dry and the health of your hair.