The family of Argentina's ex-president, Carlos Menem, was hospitalized for asphyxiation at a Santiago de Chile clinic

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 17, 2008

A weekend ski trip turned into a nightmare when former Miss Universe, Cecilia Bolocco, and her son, Máximo Saúl Menem, 4, ended up in the hospital on Saturday night after suffering from Carbon monoxide poisoning.

The culprit was a faulty store, reports Chilean newspaper, El Mercurio. Six others were also affected during the incident.

“Someone made a big mistake, but everyone's fine. That's all I can tell you,” said lawyer Pablo Vermehren, who was one of the affected.

The police report states that Bolocco's nanny erroneously lit a stove that was attached to the wall. After an hour and a half, they could feel the symptoms of poisoning.

The family of Argentina's ex-president, Carlos Menem, 77, was discharged from the Las Condes clinic in Santiago de Chile on Sunday, and was able to celebrate Father's Day, albeit without the ex-president. The Chilean television host, Bolocco, 43, and Menem are divorced.