The journalist leaves after six years of working with the station

By People Staff
November 25, 2008 01:00 PM

Carmen Dominicci didn’t have time to celebrate her recent divorce from Fernando Del Rincón, because the 42-year-old reporter is already dealing with other alarming news. This morning, it was announced on a Miami radio station that Dominicci was asked to leave Univisión. A close source confirmed the news to

The reason why she was let go is not clear, however, sources allege it has something to do with her nasty divorce to Del Rincón, another journalist who works for the network. Yet others say that Dominicci’s contract with Univisión had expired and the network had no intentions of renewing it. The reporter was considering a job with the network’s New York City offices instead.

The Emmy-award winning Puerto Rican journalist was with the station for six years. Dominicci had been working with the network since 2002 when she was co-host of Primer Impacto Fin de Semana (Univisión), and later became an investigative journalist for Aquí y Ahora (Univisión) and host of Misión Reportar for Galavisión.