With less than a year of marriage under her belt, the host claims she was a victim of domestic violence

By People Staff
June 26, 2008 12:00 PM

They were married less than a year ago, but Carmen Dominicci has already filed for divorce against her husband Fernando del Rincón, host of the show Primer Impacto, citing irreconcilable differences.

According to the Puerto Rican daily El nuevo día, the 41-year-old Puerto Rican host wants to end her marriage because she is facing serious problems with her 38-year-old husband, one of them being domestic violence.

Here are the court documents that were filed in Miami-Dade county.

The latest incident took place in Casa de Campo, where the couple attended their friend Lourdes Estefan’s wedding. They got into such a heated argument that security had to step in and break up their fight at the famed hotel. A source told peopleenespanol.com that they were yelling and throwing around insults, and that at one point it even got physical.

The Puerto Rican daily also reports that the couple, who got married last August, went their separate way after arriving to Miami from the Dominican Republic, when Dominicci told Del Rincón to pack his bags and get out.

It looks like the beautiful host doesn’t have much luck when it comes to love. When she was married to actor Oswaldo Ríos, she called her relationship with him a living hell, in which she also claimed she was a victim of physical and mental abuse.

Peopleenespanol.com contacted Carmen Dominicci and Fernando del Rincó, but they have not returned calls for comments.