The Mexican model falls off the wagon and is rushed to Jorge Kawaghi's private hospital
Carmen Campuzano.
Credit: NTX Fotos

Carmen Campuzano is having a rough time, to say the least. The model has had a setback in her fight against her addictions – this time, apparently alcohol – and had to be rushed to the hospital.

According to (Galavisión's) La Oreja show, the 36-year-old Mexican model was suffering from alcohol poisoning and, after a hospital stay in Balbuena, Mexico, she was transported to the private medical center owned by Mexican boxer and politician Jorge Kawaghi. “I've really reached my limit now, because there is no peace. My wife and I are having problems because we do everything, we've really done everything for Carmen, and we haven't seen any results,” Campuzano's brother, Daniel, told the show.

The doctor who treated the model said she's alert. “She agreed to having tests done, she is fairly cooperative, she's conscious, but she's a little out of it and restless,” he said. Although things seem to be under control, the incident gave way to a new wave of controversy, because members of Mexico City's government-run emergency crew allegedly snapped photos of Campuzano as she was taken to the hospital. “We'll file charges because what they did is not right,” said Campuzano's sister-in-law, Lucy Mora.