The former Argentinean president doesn't justify his wife's behavior, but "she continues to be Miss Universe, with virtues and faults"
Carlos Menem

Argentina's former President Carlos Menem seems confident that the divorce proceedings against wife, former Miss Universe Cecilia Bolocco, will go smoothly, but acknowledged he misses her dearly.

“Of course. Cecilia is a good mother, she's doing a heck of a job raising Máximo [their son], and missing her is natural, regardless of what happened,” Menem said.

What happened was the publication of two sets of pictures of the 42-year-old Chilean beauty sunbathing topless and kissing Italian entrepreneur Luciano Marocchino in her backyard in Miami.

Menem, 76, doesn't defend his wife's actions and thinks that “the attitude was ugly,” but in his mind, “Cecilia continues to be Cecilia: Miss Universe, with her virtues and faults.”

He also criticized the actions of the paparazzo who photographed the former beauty queen because “they came about because he shamelessly violated Cecilia's privacy (…) It obviously wouldn't be right for me to go into your house, into your bedroom to take a picture,” he added.